I gave THIS up to do payroll last week?

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What was I THINKING????

Anyway, work is going badly. Apparently my boss is bad mouthing me to the HR director (my old boss) and the controller. Initially, this really, really pissed me off, but as I made the drive to Barkin Buddies after work I realized that hopefully she was just going to them for advice on how to handle me. She is criticizing my work performance. I feel this is not fair of her, but one of her complaints is one that my previous boss made sometimes. Therefore, I will endeavor to not make that mistake. That way, if she’s bitchy again – and she most certainly will be! – it will be 100% obvious that it’s just her being bitchy and not my fault.

I also traded some emails with my old boss that shored me up a little (before I found out New Boss was talkin’ smack about me). I emailed both old boss and the controller to find out who authorizes an item I am running short on to do a part of my job that really isn’t payroll, but it’s fun and frankly, I do not have enough to do. Old boss used to authorize this, but I wasn’t sure if she still would – it is kind of an HR function – or if the authorization responsibility moved when I moved to account.

I live in some sick Dilbert world, you know?

Anyway, Old Boss said that she’d OK it but our controller was more than welcome to OK it instead. I emailed her back to thank her and tell her that this tip toeing crap was getting ridiculous (I don’t think I said crap, though) and that it was becoming more and more like the Olden Days of my company when everyone had their one little task and GOD HELP YOU if you volunteered to help another person. She responded that I should talk to the controller (my boss’s boss) if I’m feeling strongly enough about it.

And then D told me about new boss bad mouthing me. We were in our warehouse researching the stupid escheat list and she got up for a few minutes. I sat there and I thought about all the BS, all the tip toeing, did I mention all the BS? Anyway, and I realized: I’m out.

Well! Good news for D: Gene said I have to try to get a new job before fleeing the old one. And the temp agency that called me the other day is exactly that – temp stuff, and I don’t want temp stuff.

Technically, I don’t want to work at all, but let’s be honest: I need to stay employed for the medium haul. So, here I am, here I stay. And here I go, sending resumes! Ha ha.

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  1. Oh and by the way…..it is very Dilbertesque. As in grotesque!!!!Have I said recently…..I CAN’T WAIT to go on vacation!!!

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