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watching the last 15 of Lost in Translation. Like Love, Actually, Lost in Translation is another movie where I mostly like to watch the last few minutes. I never knew Tom Hanks was so good looking.

No, not Tom Hanks. Jim someone. Belushi? No, not Jim…Bill Murray. That’s it. We watched the start of Stripes the other night before Gene abandoned me and I just can’t believe that this is the same actor. I like how, in LiT, Sofia Coppola turns Scarlett Johannson’s character into, basically, a prettier version of herself. I understand that feeling – then it turns into a big self love fest. If only I looked like Princess Grace, yadda yadda; this was probably her feeling. Historically, I do the same thing when I write; my main characters are always women a little bit like me, but amplified. Thinner. Prettier. Smarter. Oh, and TALLER. (how did it happen that Bill got Dad’s height AND eye color and I merely scored digestive issues? Not fair).

I was supposed to get a Patty-cure today, but Patty is sick and probably in need of a cure herself. Darn. I was going to show her my expertly polished nails. Did it myself! ha ha. Still have all 10 fingers. But since she’s ill (Patty, I hope you’re just sick and that it’s not a problem with the doggie), there are a ton of other things to do instead.

1) Hey, didn’t I have a chore to do yesterday? Ugh, bathroom.
2) Hair color hair color hair color.
3) Watch Eagles DVD. It has been in my possession for over a week and it is still in the Amazon.com box. Geeez.
4) If an extra 10 hours mysteriously is added to the evening, I would love to go get a Sippable Sundae. Mmmm.

More later, maybe.

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