Ever been lost with a man who won’t ask for directions?

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Ever had it happen on a BOAT?

Despite getting very lost, we had a great time on our rented boat today. We picked it up about 10 AM and dropped it off about 4:45. (We had to have it back to them by 5). We were lost and in varying degrees of frantic from about 3 pm on. It was a lot of fun, but I don’t know about the whole boating thing for the 4th of July. Gene says the only reason he’s OK with it is because of the boat thing. He’s not into fireworks. For me, I’m into the fireworks but the boat aspect makes me nervous. (If you’ve been in a car driven by my husband, just imagine him as a boat driver. Seriously). Plus, we would have the boy with us, which would make me nervous. On the bright side, at least he’d be in a lifejacket. That would make him the luckiest of us. Ha ha. And we’d have the boat from 10 AM on 7/4 until who knows when on 7/5, so we could watch fireworks from The Lake.

Only one instance where my life flashed in front of my eyes. We were turning around and frankly, I think we listed a LOT more than I am comfortable with!

While boating, we discussed good music to boat by:
1) The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
2) Theme from the Poseidon Adventure
3) The Love Boat theme song
4) The Ninth Wave (half of Kate Bush’s album Hounds of Love, about a woman lost at sea)
Gene doesn’t remember the others, and I forgot to mention My Heart Will Go On. Duh, such a simple one.

Anyway, we’re home, safe and sound and at least a little red. I’m hoping some of it fades before work tomorrow. The Queen of Sunblock really could have been a lot more thorough. And don’t believe the hype about that Banana Boat spray on stuff, you still have to rub it in. Booo.

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