Restaurant Week: Saturday

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So, Saturday we went to a restaurant down in the city. Very far in the city. Our house is 6-7 miles from the northernmost spot in the county; the restaurant was a few miles from the southernmost point in the county. The drive was 45 minutes each direction.

Starters: Gene had fried green tomatoes (hmm, if they are called green, why were the actual tomatoes red?) and I had fried potato salad. It wasn’t what you were thinking, but it was topped with a soft boiled egg. Poached egg? Shrug.

Entrees: Gene had bacon wrapped trout and I had meat loaf. Bacon wrapped anything is good but I thought my entree was better. Gene felt just the opposite.

Dessert: I had what I thought was chocolate cake but it was actually chocolate torte. Torte is delicious but I was really banking on something with some frosting. Gene had some sort of bread pudding. The third dessert option had no chocolate and was made of poundcake. It was notable because one of us thinks the other agreed to order it instead of chocolate cake, which is ridiculous because I agreed to that for starters not desserts. One of us is having an issue being rational and we are both having trouble making conversation.

Bottom Line: No one wins Saturday – the food was OK, the drive was stupid and the company was not in the mood to party. And Sunday we ordered pizza and ate at home. And today I picked up carry out dinner from a sandwich shop near the house. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we’re supposed to have reservations at an Italian place two exits up on the interstate. I don’t know what we’ll do.

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