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Remember when I used to post about each night of Restaurant Week on each night of Restaurant Week? Remember when we used to actually go to real restaurants each night and not take the slacker way out with carryout from pizza places and sandwich shops?

Yeah, me too.


Sunday: Pizza, carryout.

Monday: Sandwiches. Oh boy, a chicken salad sandwich from the place I eat a chicken salad sandwich 51 other weeks of the year? YAY.

Tuesday: Italian food at a restaurant two exits up the highway. I started with meatballs, Gene started with risotto balls. Ha ha, balls. Entrees: Gene had some kind of eggplant pasta thing (eew, eggplant?) and I had super yummy chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans, some kind of fabulous sauce and mushrooms. Dessert: I had a cannoli, Gene had tiramisu. Verdict: I win. We didn’t actually discuss an actual verdict but fuck it, this is my blog and I say that I won. Nyah-nyah.

Wednesday: Gene had to work, I got carryout and ate with a coworker at her house. Big fun but I’m preeeetty sure I overstayed my welcome. I won because my coworker gave me a nice glass of musca-something wine. Yum.

Thursday (today): dinner from a little burger joint known as McDonalds. No one wins, but I’m going to go nuke some  s’mores in a few minutes.

Tomorrow: either dinner at a steakhouse nearish my old office or Burger King or maybe carryout Thai.

Saturday: some restaurant down in the city

Sunday: ditto

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