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(that last post got a little goofy, eh?)

Am I the only one who totally digs that “Home” song by Michael Buble? (the DJ pronounces it Boob-BLAY, but I say “Bubbly” to try and hide my shame at liking a song you can buy on a CD at a Hallmark store). Generally, I dislike the radio station the BFAs have it set to, but when this song comes on, I feel tons better. I’ve even (oh, man, do I have to admit this?) changed a preset in the car to this station so I can try and hear it.

I worked late tonight and the “Cheesy Love Song Request” show was on the station as I was driving home. The Cheesy DJ would read the request (or the sappy dorky story, whatever) and I’d think, “She doesn’t want to hear ‘Because You Loved Me’, she wants to hear that Bubbly song, DAMMIT.”

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