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So, Gene had the car today so he could go to the closing of our re-fi. (Yes, we finally ditched our awful interest only mortgage). He picked me up from work and we drove down the highway but exited 3 miles before our exit. Hmmm. We drive around a neighborhood for no aparent reason. This is not something we do.

Then I notice panting coming from the back of the car, where the dogs’ travel kennel is. “Why are the dogs with us?” I demand.

“The dogs are at home.”

“Well, then, why do I hear panting???” Now I’m getting nervous.

Well, as it turns out, we have a temporary new dog. Gene was at the bank when a stray dog came up to him and immediately made it clear that he wanted to come hang out with the fam. So, he’s here for a little while. Actually, we theorize it’s a she. And we’ve named her Awesome-O, like the South Park robot. And I really think she’s just temporarily here. She’s a golden retriever, elderly, and has a rabies tag dating from 2003, from our vet’s office. I left them a voice message when we got home in case they knew this dog. Maybe it’s microchipped? She’s a friendly dog, knows the sit command and didn’t seem excessively hungry. (Or perhaps she doesn’t like our dog food, or maybe she doesn’t prefer dry food).

Anyway, I’ll report back on how this is going to turn out.

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