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well, you know.

Dream Dinners was a lot of fun. I got there right at 10 (got a little lost – you know me!) and immediately got down to it. One of the things that worried me was that I tend to be a little pokey and slow and I was scared I’d annoy people and there’d be a big pileup of J-Lo-clad biotches behind me, drumming their fingers.

Ha! I was out of there by 10 after 11. That’s an average of 10 minutes per meal (I only did the “Quick 6”). It was amazing. You walk in there and there are stations with different ingredients all set out, like a salad bar. Each station is for a single meal (say, pork burritos or chicken w/ artichokes) and you read the recipe (it’s printed out in front of you, easy as pie) and just put it all together. Each station has this gallon sized black tub and you put a gallon sized Ziploc bag inside and then put the ingredients in there. If the recipe calls for 6 steaks, there’s a big ziploc bag w/ your six steaks right there. You grab the steak bag, the other stuff bag (sauce, tortillas, whatever) and put both bags into a third gallon ziploc bag.

I will make my first entree tonight and let you know how I liked it. Dream Dinners is opening a location about 5 minutes from my house, but the location I went to today wasn’t too terribly far away. And I like getting to see a different part of Cheesecake. It was soooo tempting to dawdle around and look for cool stores but I had a laundry basket full of chow, so maybe another time.

And the worst of times…Blanche is back in the hospital with a galbladder infection. I don’t know any more yet but I’ll follow up when I hear more.

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