Highway to Hell…

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Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more annoying, we find a new and inventive way to make my job just a little more ridiculous.

Turns out, my boss’s boss wasn’t doing something right about allocated tips (allo’ tips are the tips ‘earned’ when a server doesn’t claim at least 8% of his gross sales as tips) so, only about $1000 was actually allocated when, in reality about $20,000 should have been. So now it’s fallen to me to do the allocatin’.

What’s that you say? “But Elaine, W-2s went out nearly a month ago! Some of these poor poverty stricken waitresses have doubtlessly filed their taxes and used the money to keep a roof over their poor poverty stricken asses!”

(Join me in heaving a heavy sigh?)

Yep. So, tomorrow I’m going to try to go into work as early as possible (maybe as early as 8:45 heh heh) and get running on this. First I have to make a spreadsheet telling me who claimed how much in tips in 2005, person by person for about a dozen of our restaurants. Then I need to add up the figures by store, then figure out how much they “should” have claimed.

Please, please just shoot me now.

Elaine’s Early Birthday Wishlist:
1) Manicure, Pedicure
2) A boss with a clue*. Old Boss would do.
3) Pinkslip. If I say it, maybe it’ll happen.
4) A cool new job to sit itself on my lap and say “Elaine, take me!”

New boss’s boss’s answer to this whole allo’ tips debacle is that “The IRS understands that some people just don’t claim enough tips and to just file it.” Never effing mind that the $ of tips total claimed by the restaurant had better be MORE than 8% of the gross of the food they sold and that the figures are NOT adding up.

Old Boss claimed New Boss’s Boss was working on keeping an eye on these things. However, I’m at least a little scared that it’ll end up that I’m the one hanging from a tree at the end of this. I say a LOT that I want to be fired but you know that I don’t. I want to arise victorious from all the bullshit to say “I’m sorry, but I’m handing in my two weeks notice.”

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