Work (Still) Stinks!

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So, work still stinks. And now, I’m hooked up to work from home. It’s not the good kind of work from home, it’s the “Work your usual 40 hours and then take stuff home” kind. Bleh. This weekend I intend to work on verifying Social Security #s on the internet and hopefully coming to a freaking conclusion with the 8027 report (the allocated tip report I mentioned in a previous post). Some of the #s aren’t jibing, which I just realized is because my interpretation of who claimed what tips and the computer’s interpretation are two different things. I’m not sure what to do about that. But I’d better figure it out very soon because February 28 is TUESDAY.

On the bright side: Gene and the boy are at the movies and I’m here. Hoooray! I’ve done a lot already today. Took the dogs to the groomer’s, rearranged the living room a little (mostly to declutter, if that counts, as the clutter has now been dispatched to my home office), vacuumed, dusted, ate a little lunch, etc. I should really be working right now – but how often am I alone at home? Not often.

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