Happy Birthday to Me!

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So, today’s my birthday. I’m 29. This is my first crack at 29. I intend to repeat a year, possibly more than once. This year, Gene was the first person to wish me a happy birthday. Then, New Boss and assorted BFAs. Then D. There were others, of course, but those were the early ones. D, being a good friend, gave me 2 22 oz. bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Today was the first of two payroll days so the chocolate came in very super handy!

Gene picked me up from work and we went to dinner, then to the mall to pick up something (no luck), then HOME. Gene gave me an awesome gift: gift cards to 5 nearby salons. Since Patty retired from nails, I haven’t regularly had them done (the pedicure was merely a safety measure – if my toenails were any longer I’d be able to use them to pick stuff off the floor). So, he gave me a Tour of Nail Salons (good ones, not questionable ones!). So, I will have awesome nails for all of my coming up stuff!!

I also spoke to just about my entire family: SIL, BIL, MIL, Mother, Grandfather. Yes, the same grandpa from the whole conversation re: MIL. It went OK.

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