Hooray, Anniversary!

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OMG, party people. I had SUCH a good time. Eventually!

The day started with Gene taking Betty to the vet’s office for her annual visit and both dogs to the kennel to be boarded overnight. Gene made it home shortly before the lady from Closets by Design came over to discuss the shelving for our bedroom closet. (This sounds awful, but the end result is I finally get a king sized bed, whee! Eventually!).

The lady left, I packed for both of us, we left to go to BFE to see Blanche’s gravesite and give her wedding china to Gene’s cousin Eileen. We left a few minutes before noon and had to be there at 3. It’s a two hour trip, so we stopped for lunch. We hadn’t even ordered lunch yet when Gene corrected me – we had to be there by 2, not 3. Heart attack! We asked the waitress how much longer we had to go until getting to BFE. She said around 30-40 minutes, which put us there on time, more or less (okay, it made us late around 15 minutes after we finished eating).

Well, not if you take a wrong turn and end up in an entirely different state!!!!!!! No, I am not making that up. We ended up about 90 minutes late. Why didn’t we get directions off that internet thing? I’m asking myself that.

So, we visit with cousin Eileen, give her the china, take pictures of the headstone and leave. (Yes, you can “visit with” people even in a graveyard – this is the South). Eventually, we make it back to Cheesecake City and to the hotel and to dinner at a nice restaurant. We’d never been there before, but I wanted to do something different this year. We cab it back to the hotel and come upon a cigar bar in the hotel. And we ended up spending two or three hours there. Gene smoked two cigars, we had dessert (the hotel’s “Signature Dessert” was Krispy Kreme bread pudding) and I had 3 (?) exceptionally girly cocktails and Gene had something that I’d been dying to try and was relieved not to have ordered (Johnny Walker Red and ginger ale, aaack). We sat on a big comfy leather couch and talked and talked, mostly about Plan B. It was amazing. Best Anniversary Ever!

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