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I know I need to post more. If I don’t, sooner or later even my MOM will stop reading the blog.

Anyway, it’s been weird lately. I’ve received some really sweet compliments lately at work, to the point where I’ve asked several people if I have two weeks to live and no one told me. Everyone agrees that I should have slightly longer than that. (Phew). The AA told me – then told everybody (old boss, new boss, new boss’s boss, D, etc) that I have such a positive attitude and that she wishes everyone was like this. And the new HR Assistant said that she is blessed to work with me.

Join me in a WTF?

They are talking about reorganizing where we all sit. Honestly, I’ve been moved 3 times since I have worked there and I don’t want to move. Now, if I could move away from New Boss and Her Toady, I’d probably do it.

In even funner news, we are almost to Review Season (it usually lasts a season because they are soo slooow and slackadasical). Last year, New Boss and her boss wrote my review and gave me a raise that has led only to me being the Lowest Paid Person in the Building. New Boss’s Toady (BTW, did I tell you she has a fucking Jheri Curl? remember Michael Jackson on the Thriller LP cover? Now imagine that on a 47 year old cow…yuck, huh?) got a BIG raise, mostly because she went into the big boss’s office and screamed until she got it. And the hot rumor is she’s getting another grand due to promises made to her by someone who doesn’t even work there anymore.

So now, I’m supposed to have some sort of heart to heart with the same Big Boss (not the BIG Big Boss, just the Big Boss) about how I feel that I need him to take total responsibility for my review because New Boss will give preferential treatment to her Toady (I think they are in a snit because I’ve received those compliments). So far, I have spoken to D, to Old Boss and to totally random coworker about this, but not yet to Big Boss. I want to talk with him, but I don’t want to as well. Sooner or later New Boss will have to figure out that she’s being excluded – and why – and it’s just going to make things difficult. She is a bitter, petty woman with a shell of a life. She is pathetic and lazy, negative and bitchy and has absolutely no place in supervising trained fleas, let alone humans.

Old Boss told me that New Boss’ll have to be part of my review because she’s my direct supervisor. Well then, I said, I don’t want her in the room. Old Boss says I have to be absolutely honest with Big Boss because he deserves that. Big Boss is a nice man, but he’s the type to say OK to anything, forget all about the conversation, and say OK to the total opposite when the next person discusses something with him. I have heard through the grapevine that New Boss and her Toady have burned some bridges with Big Boss AND Big BIG Boss but I don’t know if it will be enough.

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