Dirty Doings…

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(Sorry…considered titling it Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, but just couldn’t bring myself to it).

I finally get my meeting with Big Boss tomorrow, supposedly first thing. Woohoo.

Here are the points I intend to make:

1) I am concerned that my direct supervisor (New Boss) is not giving me the same treatment she is giving her Toady. (Naturally, I will not call them New Boss or Toady).

2) I would like to be reviewed by Big Boss and only Big Boss. (New Boss informed us today that she has written out our reviews in case Big Boss wants to include her thoughts). The reason is that (see point 1) I do not want what I see as her skewed view of me to taint my reputation in the company. Or the raise.

3) I would like to move to be directly supervised by Big Boss, taking New Boss out of the loop entirely. I would take over the payroll duties (all 1 or 2 of them) that New Boss currently handles. New Boss would, of course, continue to supervise her Toady. (Really, what’s the point of a worthless boss without a toady?). Aaaanddd if we want to talk money, I want to make exactly the same as Toady is, after her review. I’ve been at the company 6 years. I get basically awesome reviews. I’m due.

The reason I keep calling this whole thing sordid or dirty is that I specifically decided that the conversation should happen while New Boss is out of the office. Is it really throwing someone under the bus if they totally deserve it?

I discussed all of this with Old Boss and she feels I need to be honest with Big Boss. I really hate that. Just how honest? “Big Boss, New Boss is a fucking jackass” honest? “I really question her role as my supervisor” honest? “I’m great, how are you?” honest?

Also: we all had to fill out very stupid self assessments. The rumor is that Big Boss said they were only going to be seen by the employee, Big Boss and Old Boss. Which I guess is why a copy of my self assessment was delivered to New Boss? Niiiice.

I guess what I’m learning is that there is almost no one safe to align with at my employer. Old Boss called the lot of us a bunch of spoiled brats. I think she included me in that, which is OK.  I like to think, though, that she mostly meant New Boss, Toady and the two higher level people who are mostly on the phone. That leaves D and I out of the spoiled brat range. Yeah, I like that.

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