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Tonight, I made this salmon dish for dinner. Gene wanted fish or chicken for dinner, and he found the recipe. Plus I got flustered at the grocery store today (I was doing a shh! secret shop and my regular shopping at the same time) and bought the salmon early. Whoops.

Anyway, I give it 4 stars. It was delicious. I wish I had purchased smaller salmon fillets instead of the enormous pieces I ended up with. Or even -duh- cut the fillets I bought into smaller pieces. Oh, well! The recipe was very easy (especially since Gene cut the cherries and the mango for the fruit salsa) and tasty. Cleanup may promise to be a nightmare, but that is my fault for not spraying the dish with Pam before loading it with the fish. Whoops.

I served it with some of Elaine’s Famous Ubiquitious Frozen Corn.

BTW, is corn bad for dogs? I hope not because I used it to trick Scooby into eating his dog food. I think he got a total of maybe 1/4 cup. His dog food has peas in it, but he hates peas. (A very picky beagle).

BTW Part II: I’m sure no one caught this, but I published this post with the wrong hyperlink initially. The original link was to this: The Scariest Baby Stroller EVER. Holy crap. A six seater???

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