The dangers of lip-synching

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Gene’s morning meeting begins with music. Actually, what he does is turns the iPod to something non-threatening (this is a concern as his iPod play list includes a lot of songs that are typically under the banner of “Pole Anthems”) and cranks it up. Today’s first selection was “Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl” (speaking of, Hi Brandy!) and he was doing obscene hand motions along with the song. For the “What a good wife you would be”, the motion was to make a circle with one hand and use the other hand’s index finger to …. err…. whatever.

Do you remember that gross thing boys did in the 3rd grade to signify sex? Yeah, that’s it.

Anyway! So I said “That’s not the motion for WIFE”

Heh. Oh, yeah…. I wonder if people were on the phone at that point. I kinda think not, since it was still a few minutes before 8, but you never know. If my next post is from a scenic locale such as Bangalore, Bangladesh or Texas, you’ll know.

Speaking of, did I tell you about the time I set our burglar alarm off in the middle of his meeting? Whoooops.

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