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Good Things!

1) I have heard back about the possible part time job that would eventually allow me to get the hell out of my current day gig. Hopefully I’ll know more in June (I can’t talk in specifics)

2) I found a TV stand for the boy’s room. $50 @ Target, the real store (the Tar-jay near my office is way better than the Tar-jay near my house), paid for with a gift card that was from Gene’s employer. I put it together today all by myself and it looks GREAT. I am so proud of myself – my mother is in charge of putting together all DIY furniture at my parents house and I think our family here is headed the same direction, gender-wise.

3) The downside is the boy probably won’t get to see the TV stand for awhile as the knee/hip/leg injury that was a problem two years ago is cropping up again. He’s seeing an expert here in Cheesecake City (his mom’s taking him) tomorrow so hopefully by tomorrow night I’ll know more. All signs are pointing toward surgery, but that was the same story last time and that ended up being BS.

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