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I am really really overwhelmed right now. The boy’s surgery is tomorrow. Wednesday and Thursday we have to go to another hospital for another reason (everything is OK). A week from Thursday we go to that hospital again (everything is still OK). Plus it’s slightly busy at work and I can’t seem to do anything right there lately. And Gene’s sick (but needs to get better right now). And I’m chomping at the bit to get a move-on w/ the maybe PT job of the future more than ever because my loving day gig employer is apparently going to totally be crappy and cut my vacation days from 4 weeks PLUS holidays (Xmas, New Years Day, MLK Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 2 days at Thanksgiving) to 25 days INCLUDING holidays. Don’t want to use a vacation day for a holiday? Fine! Work on Thanksgiving. ::eyeroll:: And yeah, the 4 weeks vaca is pretty spectacular, but don’t forget that I haven’t seen a dime of 401k match in nearly 3 years. And let’s not forget the fact that we are almost at a YEAR since the payroll printer started its long decline toward boat anchor status. It is there now, BTW.

And I have gained weight. Ugh, I totally feel yucky. Everyone at work keeps saying “You’re going to have to buy smaller pants” but I think “Heh, why buy smaller pants when these are feeling tight?” I think I should re-read my book about Syndrome X to center myself again. I am to be retested for the prediabetes in July and at the rate I’m going, I will fail, fail, fail. Perhaps I will also start testing my blood sugar again (yea). I really need to get serious. I do not want to end up with gestational diabetes.

(Hey, that reminds me of what I wanted to look up at BabyCenter….)

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