De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

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is actually not all I want to say (so Sting can just take that sentiment and shove it…)

I’m home until 2 today because we had an appointment this morning connected to yesterday afternoon’s appointment but NOT connected to Tuesday’s The Boy thing.

Hey, I know! Let’s do a blind item:

What husband of an underrated blogger is going in for some nip and tuck? No one is saying for sure exactly WTF is going on, but rumor has it he’ll be half the man he used to be!

In other news:

I successfully did not buy silverware. Today I am thinking about tennis shoes, again. My Nikes are pretty close to biting the dust and that stupid AmEx gift card has just about enough left to pay for most of a pair. And I’m walking one of the dogs every day so it’s important to have the right footwear (my awesome sandals are not the right footwear).

(I wish I had saved the AmEx gift card and gift checks from my employer to buy something really wackadoodle when I am greenlighted to buy Plan B gear).

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