Can an atheist be a saint?

Oh yes I think so. And if not, I make one bomb-ass cruise director.

I am simultaneously trying to kick my caffeine habit while keeping the boy entertained until his father returns on Thursday. So, no chocolate no soda (not even diet, SOB) but plus a boy who doesn’t seem thrilled to be here. I am glad to have him here. I hope this week will show him how devoted I am to him. Tomorrow we have a doctor appointment and then we are off to the theme park, weather permitting. If the weather is not permitting, I’m not sure what Plan B (ha ha, not the usual Plan B) is going to be. The local IMAX theater is showing Harry Potter, I wonder if the boy would enjoy that.

One thought on “Can an atheist be a saint?”

  1. OMG!! The Harry Potter movie is awesome!!! If he reads the book, or has seen any of the other movies, I think he will like it.

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