Kids R Expensive…

Holy Moly.

I’ve read about this “summer vacation = torture the parents” theory before on other Mommy blogs, how you can be in the middle of doing one fantastically awesome thing and the kid says “What fun thing are we doing next?” We had nearly 4 hours to kill at the museum before Harry Potter (too late for the noon showing, waaay too early for the 3:45) and I finally told the boy we were going to buy drinks and sit down for a little while (which worked for almost 20 entire minutes).

Tonight, I finally called UNCLE and told the boy that we were going to have some no TV time until 11:30, when the Scrubs re-runs on WGN come on. He is a devotee to all things Zach Braff and loves the show. We’ve spent downtime lately watching Season One of Scrubs on DVD (our Xmas gift from my brother in law and his wife). I think if you handed me a banjo I could probably play the opening theme song (“I’m No Superman”).

Arrrgh. Tomorrow is the last day of Elaine the Cruise Director. We’re going to the theme park finally (yea!). Gene returns tomorrow evening so I’m handing in my Captain’s hat. Ideally I’d like it if the boys went to the mall again this weekend and played some video games – the father and son that play together stay together maybe. And, also ideally I would be so freaking happy if they’d do this without taking me along.

Anyway, the fur kids are begging for attention…

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