Once was lost, now, found…

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So a week or two ago I got the organizational bug (trust me, the flu bug is a lot easier and at least you get to rest, but I digress) and cleaned out the closet in our bedroom (yes, the new closet was a bit of a mess). There were two boxes STILL full of mystery crap from when we took everything out of our old furniture. I cleaned those out (everything went into the trash or into a drawer of my ghetto-ready plastic nightstand). Next, my jewelry box.

Now, I do indeed own a jewelry box. With actual jewelry inside. Stuff that was my grandma’s, cheesy Christmas pins shaped like penguins, and a few pieces that Gene bought me before he learned that A) I don’t wear jewelry and B) I lose jewelry. Also now, I swear the last time I looked in my jewelry box, I was missing one earring from every pair of earrings I owned (which is, by my count, 3 pair).

Ha ha – they’re back!!

Ha ha ha – still not wearing them!!

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