aggh, stupid doctor…

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Even after my line about “no more blood until I’m pregnant”, the doctor found another reason to get me to give some up. (big TMI alert!). He was the brains behind the whole pre-diabetes operation last year. I thanked him for that (gift of time, yadda yadda). Today’s question is “Does Elaine ovulate?” Stop asking so many questions. Ughhh. His office will let me know later this week. And he wants me back on Metformin. And he mentioned Clomid.

WTF, dude? You use your incredible degree to figure out that A) I’m fat B) I had prediabetes and now because C) I don’t PMS enough (as far as I know – how am I to notice if I bloat?? I weigh 180 lbs…what’s another pound or two when all of my pants are too big anyway?) he’s figuring I’m D) a freak. We’ve been working on this Plan B thing for exactly 43 days. It’s a little freaking early to start with this stuff. Duh.


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