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I am so sorry for that last post. I was being an absolute….ugh, you know that word that I won’t say, that rhymes with “punt” and that my mother uses to describe Madonna (yes you do, don’t deny it)? Yeah, I was being that.

I feel like the biggest baby on the planet – oh, WAAHHH!!! Poor me, hasta take an itty bitty pill. Gahh, what will I do when Plan B has colic? Take an ad out in the Cheesecake City News and Times? I absolutely hate myself when I get like this.

All it takes is five minutes reading an infertility blog – I recommend alittlepregnant – for one to realize that Clomid is No. Big. Deal. compared to what some of these ladies have gone through (IVF, IUI, egg donors, invasive surgeries in personal spots, etc). I mean, fuck me – it looks like Clomid is taken in pill form, not “a shot in the ass” form.

I told you I was a latent drama queen. I should probably save the drama for the day when someone deigns to put cheese on my cheeseburger and I – in a hormonal rage -threaten to slash their tires.

Seriously. Mea culpa. Are we still friends, Internet? Hope so!  I’ve got a LOT of Googling to do.

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