Happy Labor Day!

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I love, love, LOVE any excuse to not have to go to work. I love days off work!

Right now I’m taking prednisone (for my dead-sexy eczema) and metformin (originally for the prediabetes, but now more for the hopeful fertility upside, but hey, if it helps me lose weight too, who is going to complain?). I sure hope the prednisone works soon because those side effects are just…err…annoying. Racing heartbeat, out of control appetite, etc. And by “etc” I mean obsessing over everything I can think of. Today I have Googled many things that I can’t even recall right now and considered making a trip to Target to buy a giant plastic bin. (For some reason, when I obsess, I obsess about organization and when I obsess about organization, plastic bins are very important!).

Something weird happened last night – Gene was on the phone with his brother and started to tell him about our current medical adventure and I basically gave him the “don’t talk about it” sign (shaking head, waving hand). Now, why did I do that? I have talked about this with D at work, New Boss, NB’s toady, the new girl, Mom, Macauley/Bill. Why wasn’t I comfortable sharing this with the other side (in-law side) of my family? If Gene’s mom was still alive I may have told her. Honestly, I don’t feel close to my in-laws. I love them and my nephews are adorable, but BIL and his wife are such grownups that I don’t how to start the conversation. And frankly, what if they don’t care? Maybe it would have been wiser to not tell ANYONE.

I think what I will do is wait (Ugh, WAIT?) for my f/u appointment (hee hee, “f/u!”) on the 24th and if I really do get put on Clomid maybe I’ll tell Gene it is OK to tell BIL/SIL if it comes up. So much of this is a waiting game anyway – what’s another 3 weeks?


Oh well! Time to clean up the kitchen. Gene made a delicious dinner (flounder and corn on the cob), used the extras for lunch tomorrow and has already prepped dinner tomorrow, so the least I can do is tidy the kitchen a little and move some laundry and take out the trash. Might as well harness that Prednisone energy for good and not evil for once.

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