Let’s conga around the living room!

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I am on vacation!

I am on vacation!

(OK, fine, maybe I’m the only one…it’s a very short conga line).

So Gene and I are leaving for the very big city south of us to spend the weekend. We’re going to go to the IKEA (must…have…meatballs), out to dinner (okay, maybe not too many meatballs…), and going to relax. I think this is our first vacation where we’re not visiting my family or Gene’s family since our 2003 cruise. Gene demanded a vacation and I don’t have enough vacation time to do something longer. We’re leaving tomorrow and returning Sunday.

OMG, the meatballs…. mmm. I would not be surprised if I end up just eating a salad or similar at the nice restaurant we have reservations for tomorrow night. I can have steak any time but IKEA meatballs?

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