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Since coming home 27 hours ago, I have both injured myself (somewhere between my hip and my ass – my trainer tried to show me where it was but I can’t remember the technical term) and caught a cold. (Holy crap if I gave that baby a cold I will leap into traffic – possibly at the request of the happy parents).

I need to fold laundry.

And order all manner of computer crap for Gene’s whizbang new computer (monitor and other doo-dads).

But I am lazy. And sick. Gene is on a business trip. And the credit card is, I am pretty sure, in the car. Believe it or not, I am not in my car right now.

I am thinking the stuff may not get ordered tonight.

And the laundry? Ha ha. This is payroll week, kids. Whatever life I have in me is not going to be devoted to hanging up stuff or unloading the dishwasher (oh crap, forgot about that).

This weekend, we told our friends that what we really needed was a wife. I hope she shows up soon.

I give up. I’m going to fold a little laundry and knock back an Ambien with my Diet Dr. Pepper. I am nothing if not classy.


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