Please stop trying to rip off my leg…

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…just in case you wondered how my leg/hip/ass-area injury was faring. (Oh, and my trainer said the injury is in my “oblique” area, which I guess is a French term for leg/hip/ass-area).

(oh, and BTW, I just realized that the title of this post makes almost no sense. I’m trying to say that it feels like someone is trying to rip my effing leg off).

Chiropractor tomorrow @ 9 AM. Can’t wait. If he can’t do anything, I’m just going to play in traffic. Owww.

Seriously – D had dental work done today (and won’t SHE be glad I just told the Internet??) and I emailed her at home to beg for narcotics. Apparently, dental work no longer rates strong drugs. Jerks.

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