IKEA, you win…

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So did I tell you that Gene and I stopped at an IKEA in Virginia on our way to MD?

While we waited for the cafe to change over to meatballs (seriously – who goes there to eat eggs?? Even if they are yummy, they are clearly not meatballs), we did the obvious thing and shopped. I swear, IKEA has more stuff that I don’t need per square foot than any store in Cheesecake City. We walked out of there with clothes hampers (1 for our bedroom that I put together by myself), lint rollers, baby doo-dads for the baaaaby, 2 bags of Daim candy and 2 giant IKEA chocolate bars.

Anyway, yeah we had meatballs again and yeah they were awesome. Yum!

So now I’m trying to put together the other laundry hamper. I searched all the hell over IKEA’s website so I could link to it, all to no avail. No matter how hard I hit it with the mallet (the instructions TOLD me I could – I wasn’t just abusing it!) it wasn’t going anywhere.


Well, I avoided posting this earlier in the day but then some good luck came to me. Gene had to get on a problem call for work and while he did that (on mute of course) he put it together. (He managed to accidentally punch a hole in the carpet, but that’s neither here nor there).

Ha ha! You can ignore the title of this post because WE win. Yippee!

(It’s a cute little hamper too, meant to hold dirty dishtowels. There are two baskets on the side that I’m using to hold clean dishtowels).

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