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So, at work, Stefania’s Toady always burns candles. Some of them smell good, like cookies, and some of them smell like Eau de French Whore. Funny enough, the Eau de French Whore-scented candle makes me cough and makes my throat sore, but the cookies-scented candles do not.

What I love is when the candle dies out or when the Toady leaves and blows out the candle. Then the room has that pleasant smell of birthday cake 30 seconds after the guest of honor blows out the candles. My gut kicks in and says “Hey, are we getting cake?”

This also happens when the candle burning is vanilla scented. I swear, it’s like every time I open my mouth I get a mouthfull of vanilla frosting.

So now I have a reputation at work for being able to “smell cake.” I hope someday I’ll learn to shut my yap. My Former Sister Accountants know entirely too much about me!

(Oh, and no matter what comes out of the microwave, I always am sure I smell french fries. What does THAT mean?)

(Yeah, guess who wants fries and cake? Preferably separately, but together if need be).

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