2008 (Elaine’s) Super Bowl

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So, another year, another Oscars has passed.

Why do all the headlines trumpet that all the acting trophies went to Europeans? It almost sounds like someone is trying to make it a controversy.

I just turned the TV on and AMC’s showing The Godfather. It just got to the scene where the movie producer is showing Tom (Robert Duvall) his “$600,000 on 4 hooves” new race horse and I had to turn it off. Eech. Knowing what happens to that horse makes me feel bad. Now that was a Best Picture!

So was “No Country for Old Men.” I never got around to seeing Atonement (I know, and isn’t that strange, that Atonement would be the Best Picture nominee I’d miss??) but “No Country” was the strongest of the 4 nominees that I did see. I liked “Juno” better, but “No Country” was a movie for the ages. Holy Cow, I hope “There Will Be Blood” is forgotten even quicker than, say, “Magnolia” (a previous movie by the same director).

Am I the only one who counted to see how many of the past Best Picture winners I’d seen? I’m up to 28 out of 80, I think. Or 23, maybe. I have another 4 of them on the DVR right now, but I can’t bring myself to watch any of them (“The Apartment,” “Citizen Kane”, “The Best Years of Our Lives” and “Hamlet”). Maybe I’ll get inspired later.

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