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Just love ’em.

Work is annoying in some ways but pretty sweet in others. My employer finally gave the pink collars our long overdue raises (this is a new record – they were 8 months late this time), so that was nice. And having Gwendolyn as my boss is just wonderful. Having her to back up whatever wacky concept I want to try (holding people to their job description, paying the employees minimum wage, etc) is just heartwarming. No BS from Gwen.

Finding out that one of our locations hasn’t been paying all employees minimum wage – SUCKS. (Seriously – I am so angry about this I want someone fired – preferably the GM)

Having to finally recognize that this may be a company wide problem – REALLY sucks.

The fix for this – if indeed it’s even fixable – is going to be unbearably tedious and annoying. And yet, it must be done. Of all the control freaks at my employer, I think I may be the biggest.

Surprising news – Stefania’s boss (previously known as New Boss’s Boss – I’m not giving him a soap opera pseudonym, but if I were to, I am leaning toward Blake, Darren or Lorenzo) has apparently had a meeting, phone conversation or something with the payroll outsourcer that Gwen and I met with a few months ago. Squeee! It’s fugging expensive but would be SO worth it! (Squee is the new Lurve, BTW). I would give up a lot to have payroll data that I trust.

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