…and it’s not even dinner time yet…

I have eaten like a gigantic pig today. I think I read somewhere that if a person doesn’t eat a good breakfast, they are destined to eat crap all day long. It is too true. I had an english muffin for breakfast but since then, I’ve had a regular sized bag of M&Ms, 2 Peanut Butter Cups (mmm), a dozen potato chips, two bites of a turkey sandwich (stupid fat free mayo, yuck), a “Slim-a-Bear” Ice Cream (mmm) and two Cherry Coke Zero. I have taken a massive bullet for anyone currently on a diet. You are welcome.

Dinner is an hour away.  If we had cookies (hmm, maybe we do), I would eat them. I would love some vanilla sandwich cookies. I moved my laptop into my home office before Mom came to town. The relative distance to the kitchen is probably the only thing keeping me from eating anything delicious in the house. (Or simply going back to the grocery for something sinfully delicious like brownies).

Finally, only one week until the Boy arrives for his month of summer visitation. I hope it all works out.

Everything Ends Eventually…

Why do they call them long weekends when they go by so quickly?

Mom’s on her way home to Indianapolis. We had a wonderful time and I am SO glad she came. Yesterday we went to the mall for hoooours. (Personally, my mall tolerance is way lower if I’m alone, but together it was fun). We even were approached by some research firm so we took surveys (and made money). Last night’s dinner was Beer Can Chicken, which is just so impossibly yummy. Mm!

Today we had breakfast and then went to the airport. I absolutely, positively, hate saying goodbye. Poor Mom is right now stuck at the airport for another hour before her flight even boards.

Maybe next time I’ll actually go up to Indiana. This was a good alternative, but it’ll be good to see the rest of the fam.


Mom’s here!!

She got here yesterday around noon. We went to one of my company’s restaurants for lunch and then hung out at home. Eventually we got our act together and went to the grocery store. Gene made dinner (mm!) and then we watched extremely copious amounts of Food Network. (Is it crazy for Gene to watch Food Network? I don’t know).

Anyway, a good time is being had by all. Today I’m making mom go with me to the vet’s office. Betty’s due for her annual well-puppy visit and Scooby is getting the kennel cough vaccine. After that, I think she’s going to get her revenge by going to Lowes Home Improvement and picking out plants. Ha ha, what she doesn’t realize is that I can kill nearly anything!