Breed All About It

First things first: Gene has informed me that our next dog should be named Patrice, after the much maligned character on How I Met Your Mother. Considering that three dogs puts us above capacity, I assume that he will have forgotten this whim by the time we’re in the market for a new dog. (I… Continue reading Breed All About It


When you wake up in the morning because of an alarm, make sure it’s your alarm clock. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the phone, someone else’s alarm clock, or a dream. And then you can ignore it and sleep more.

The Longest Week

So! Cheesecake City Restaurant Week has begun. We have tentatively scheduled a culinary adventure for every night between yesterday and next Sunday night. I say “tentatively” because we’ve given ourselves an out if work is too busy, too stressful, goes too late etc or if we’d rather just stay at home and eat pizza. Considering… Continue reading The Longest Week