Ghosts Appear, then Fade Away

Sometime in the last year, we found this video on YouTube of Choir!Choir!Choir! performing Men At Work’s song “Overkill” accompanied by Colin Hay (the singer from Men at Work). (There is also a video of Choir!Choir!Choir! performing Never Gonna Give You Up with Rick Astley and if these videos do not make you want to… Continue reading Ghosts Appear, then Fade Away

Oh, my

I just realized that one of my cousins is a grandmother (maybe more than one, I have some cousins I wouldn’t recognize if I were to see them). Granted, my mom is 49 years old the youngest of five children and the oldest of the grandchildren may be in their 50s but…Wow. The time, it… Continue reading Oh, my

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Indiaaaaana, you old banana….

So! I just got back from my visit to Indianapolis. I cannot even put into words how wonderful it was. I hadn’t been home in so, so long. A ridiculously long time. How did I go nearly 2 years without seeing my family in Indiana? And it wasn’t enough time, even though I could have… Continue reading Indiaaaaana, you old banana….

2012 Year in Review

1. What did you do in 2012 that you’d never done before? I attended the midnight premiere of a movie (The Hunger Games), I watched the Twilight movies (so bad, so very very bad), I ate and enjoyed avocado/guacamole and I watched many many episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation. 2. Did you keep… Continue reading 2012 Year in Review


Remember the situation I alluded to in my previous post? About how we got bad news and it made a sad situation worse? OMG, now it’s even worse. Incomparably, nauseatingly, shatteringly (is that a word? Spellcheck approved it, so…) worse. I don’t even know how to describe it, really I don’t. I need this to… Continue reading Foaming…

Ides of March

First, Happy Birthday Dad. (Twelve days ago) Second, Happy Birthday Auntie Lyn (who doesn’t read the blog) (Four days ago) Third, Happy Birthday Friend Julie (who may or may not be reading this) (Today. I got one! Woot!)

25 lbs of owie

So, I picked up Scooby briefly the other day. Gene thinks that’s how I hurt my back but I disagree. However, what the hell, he’s probably right. I still love picking up my Scooby-Doo, even if he currently smells like a petting zoo. (Rhymes totally unintended)

20 years ago

Yes, its time for another serving of Tales of Little LaineyD… 20 years ago, my mom and I went to see Fleetwood Mac perform in Indianapolis. Except for the shoes, I remember every stitch I had on. Before the show we had dinner at the restaurant attached to the venue, where we had the honor… Continue reading 20 years ago

A few words on journalism…

So, I’ve been reading a bit about the News of the World scandal in the UK (that seems to be spreading to the US) and it just occurred to me…after all of this is over, do you think there will be room for ethical, decent journalists? Not liberal, not conservative, but interested in reporting stories… Continue reading A few words on journalism…