Even though he doesn’t read the blog…

Happy Fifth Anniversary, babe!

If an engaged person were to ever ask me for wedding advice, I would tell them:

1) Only buy ONE wedding dress. And buy it as close to your wedding day as possible. I suggest no more than 6 months ahead of time. (I had 3 dresses, 1 wedding. Oh well).

2) One venue for both wedding ceremony and reception is really a good plan, especially if you’re a godless heathen, or alternatively, don’t mind having a cake and punch reception in the church basement (or whatever).

3) Hold your wedding on a minor holiday. We had the choice of a wedding on July 14 or July 21. I originally wanted July 21 because (as always, I am not making this up) it looked better on invitations. (Yes, really). But now I am glad we chose July 14 as it is Bastille Day and who forgets what day Bastille Day is??

4) Marry Gene. If Gene is married (which he is) or if you are a heterosexual male, marry someone as Gene-like as possible. You will spend an absolute minimum amount of time at sporting events and the food is better. (Hee hee).

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