But really, folks…

The blog is www.thecheesecakeisrich.blogspot.com because ‘the cheesecake is rich’ is a long running joke between my best friend Brandy and I. I think it originated when we were joking about talking in code. Second choice was always ‘the washcloth is blue.’ I will probably send her the link to my blog and hopefully she will laugh.

‘Still the same old girl I used to be’ is the title because I heard from two old boyfriends in a week and realized it’s because my email address hasn’t changed since junior high. Why, yes, I am change-averse. Thank you for noticing. BTW, I got my hair cut today in the same cut since junior high (minus those 9 or 10 bad perms) and I’m listening to the same music I’ve listened to since…oh, my. Sixth grade?

Off to wallow….

Top Ten Other Names for My Blog

10. LaineyD’sChateauD’Amour (I don’t think Blogspot or the web in general allow punctuation in web addresses)
9. She’sSoSweet (Well, that’s a total lie)
8. StoneColdBitch (Well, that’s the truth, but vulgar)
7. BeatsCleaning (It so totally does)
6. EveryGirlHasADream (And mine is a 30 hour day and a 16 hour workweek)
5. WTF? (Yeah, like THAT isn’t taken?)
4. TheFBomb (Ditto)
3. LaineyShrugged (That would have been SO cool…is it too late to change?)
2. AnyMajorDude (Makes me sound like a slut)
1. Whatahooch (My friends and FAMILY would have to type that everytime they wanted to visit…a no go).


Hello! Welcome to My Blog.

::taps on microphone nervously::


I’m Elaine and I’m coming to you from the South. I read a book recently where one of the characters told another character at the end of a phone conversation,”Warm love coming to you from the West Coast”, and even though it’s a gross phrase if you think about it, you got warm love coming to you from the New South.

I say “New South” because a) it’s really not what you think it is based upon TV and movies and b) I’m not from the South. I am originally from Indianapolis (located in the heart of the great state of Indiana). No one where I live is actually from here originally.

Here goes nothin’…::hitting publish post::


I have no idea how it happened, but my most recent post (the one about cool websites, etc) is all the way at the bottom, as if it was the first post.


And now for some real content, I present this:

Macaulay Culkin looks exactly like my brother. Spoooooky. Bill, if you’re really Macaulay Culkin, what happened to all the Home Alone money?? And all the hush money from Mr. Jesus Juice himself, Michael Jackson?? Hmm?

Personal Gossip: My baby brother Macaulay/Bill is getting maaaaaaarried… I’m pretty certain it’s illegal to get married at his age, but I just realized that he’s 24 so I guess I just had my head up my ass the last 10 years.

Time flies, folks!

Done Wallowing

I had a really amazing and genius level post all ready but I managed to screw up the fancy links and then lose half the post. In its place, I give to you this junk food of the mind level post.

You may be wondering, “Elaine, I know you’ve been using the Internet since the days of 2400 baud modems. What especially do you think I should see on the Internet before I die?”

Easy! www.thecheesecakeisrich.blogspot.com of course. (I never knew I was such a smarmy self-promoter until now)

If you know I’ve been an Internet geek and one-time AOL scenetress since the slightly older days, you probably know I’m a pop culture whore who “knows” exactly who in Hollywood is gay or a druggie. The best place on the Internet for gossip is not actually on the web but on Usenet(well, I suppose it is on the web if you use Google or something, which, HEY, gives me an idea…). My personal favorites are the Usenet Newsgroups alt.showbiz.gossip and its twisted sister alt.gossip.celebrities . One of these groups (alt.gossip.celebrities I think) actually broke the news of Britney’s brief wedding in Vegas. I mean, damn! How cool is that? And when I say ‘broke the news’ I do not mean they posted a link to some article in People or US. I mean someone posted ‘Britney Spears is getting married, it’ll be in the papers tomorrow!’

Other great places that I love:
Eaglesfans.com – the #1 site for information about the band the Eagles. Two totally devoted fans run the site along with their adorable weiner dogs. You’d think the site was their only job but no! They’re teachers as well. I give money to this site like my husband gives money to NPR. What? It’s where I get news.
Maritime Matters – Gene and I went on a cruise back in June 2003. While we were in Freeport in the Bahamas I caught sight of several other cruise ships. But these ships looked older and there was not a soul nearby. After we returned to the States I found out that these ships were going to be sold, most likely for scrap metal in the third world. Ever since this, I depend on Maritime Matters to fill me in whenever I’m curious about a cruise ship. (For fun information about the miniutae of sailing, check out CruiseCritic).

Gotta go — Gene left to play poker so I’m alone with the dogs and they’re roughhousing.