More random thoughts…

1) Why do they even bother to make single stuf Oreo cookies? Who says “Gosh, I couldn’t eat all the frosting in the middle of a Double Stuf Oreo!” 2) I really worry that someday they’ll rename psoriasis “Kardashian disease.” Is it not bad enough that I have itchy flaky spots on my elbows, knees,… Continue reading More random thoughts…

Q: How many year-ends…

Does it take for me to finally start sprouting gray hair? A: 13. Thanks a lot, 2012! Yes, I’m vain (as vain as a woman who owns neither makeup nor curling iron) but I have always been proud that I didn’t have any gray hairs yet. Imagine my shock when I found one peeking out… Continue reading Q: How many year-ends…


1) Upgrade wardrobe – kind of done. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Lands End but I’m returning half of it. (new item on to-do list: Put together Lands End return) –done! 2) Upgrade cell phone new phone on the way – done! 3) Go to dentist – trying to get this scheduled. Dentist’s office is closed… Continue reading Progress!


As an aside, there’s a Stevie Nicks song whose lyrics include the word “phony”, spelled “phoney”. Hyper-critical me, even as a 14 year old, totally saw that in the CD liner notes, brushed the black tulle out of my face (don’t ask), and thought, “Stevie, please! There is no E in phony!” (Actually, let’s go… Continue reading Phone-y

To-Do List Progress

For my own self interest, here is my progress on the to-do list… 1) Upgrade wardrobe – kind of done. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Lands End but I’m returning half of it. (new item on to-do list: Put together Lands End return) 2) Upgrade cell phone new phone on the way 3) Go… Continue reading To-Do List Progress

Negative Girl…

So, yesterday we finally got the dogs to the vet’s office to get them caught up on the various and sundry medical things that needed to be done. (Speaking of which… I, LaineyD, solemnly swear to get my dogs to the vet’s office when they are actually due for things and not 1-3 months later).… Continue reading Negative Girl…

Renaming myself

And I know this can be done because another blog I used to read, all of a sudden the blogger added a bio that said something like “Suzy Blogger, recently nicknamed Dreamy McSteamy, has been blogging about walnuts since 1997” and I was all “What the hell? YOU chose that nickname! You can’t nickname yourself!… Continue reading Renaming myself

Wooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity

I have no idea what I meant by that, BTW. It’s one of the sentences to spill out of my mouth, along with “Hell Yeah Bitches!” and “Rock Out With Your Cock Out”. You’re right if you’re thinking “Elaine’s mother must be so disappointed with her and that vulgar mouth!” unless you are my mother,… Continue reading Wooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity

2012 Year in Review

1. What did you do in 2012 that you’d never done before? I attended the midnight premiere of a movie (The Hunger Games), I watched the Twilight movies (so bad, so very very bad), I ate and enjoyed avocado/guacamole and I watched many many episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation. 2. Did you keep… Continue reading 2012 Year in Review

Fo Shizzle. Yo.

So anyway, I was just reminded about You know how there’s an International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well, translates a website into (oh, what’s the best way to put this?) street speak. I just used to re-read the last two posts on my site here and it was hilarious. Two posts… Continue reading Fo Shizzle. Yo.