Top Ten Other Names for My Blog

10. LaineyD’sChateauD’Amour (I don’t think Blogspot or the web in general allow punctuation in web addresses)
9. She’sSoSweet (Well, that’s a total lie)
8. StoneColdBitch (Well, that’s the truth, but vulgar)
7. BeatsCleaning (It so totally does)
6. EveryGirlHasADream (And mine is a 30 hour day and a 16 hour workweek)
5. WTF? (Yeah, like THAT isn’t taken?)
4. TheFBomb (Ditto)
3. LaineyShrugged (That would have been SO cool…is it too late to change?)
2. AnyMajorDude (Makes me sound like a slut)
1. Whatahooch (My friends and FAMILY would have to type that everytime they wanted to visit…a no go).

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