But really, folks…

The blog is www.thecheesecakeisrich.blogspot.com because ‘the cheesecake is rich’ is a long running joke between my best friend Brandy and I. I think it originated when we were joking about talking in code. Second choice was always ‘the washcloth is blue.’ I will probably send her the link to my blog and hopefully she will laugh.

‘Still the same old girl I used to be’ is the title because I heard from two old boyfriends in a week and realized it’s because my email address hasn’t changed since junior high. Why, yes, I am change-averse. Thank you for noticing. BTW, I got my hair cut today in the same cut since junior high (minus those 9 or 10 bad perms) and I’m listening to the same music I’ve listened to since…oh, my. Sixth grade?

Off to wallow….

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