Bourbon, Prince of Barksylvania

I learned something new today about Bourbon (the dog, not the booze) today: he is an avid fan of the British Royal Family. While I watched a documentary about the late Princess Diana, he was riveted by the screen. (Don’t tell me that dogs don’t understand TV and that this is proof I need to get out of the house sometime tomorrow. I know). Okay fine, he actually did this before when I watched a documentary about Queen Elizabeth, but I thought it was because of the Corgis.

I just need to believe that he’s more than the dog who barks at the neighbor girl and shreds dirty laundry in the yard and embarrassed me at the vet’s office, that he can be a sleepy snuggler, the doggy I like to snug in the morning (Sadie’s too big, Scooby’s just too many sharp elbows). That he can be the true legacy of his big sister Betty.

(And that I wasn’t wrong taking a chance on a two time loser from the shelter)

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