My Dog’s Asshole, and the other dog IS an asshole

Hey, if your dog’s butthole looks a little misshapen, like he/she has a zit next to said butthole, take that poor beast to the vet right away. Don’t put it off because the groomer didn’t mention anything. Don’t put it off because your husband thinks you’re weird to check out your dog’s ass. And if the vet recommends surgery to remove said butt zit? Don’t put it off because (sigh) we just paid off that credit card! And don’t get me started on the bullshit you chose to buy instead of fixing your poor dog’s asshole.

Because, what will happen is, the dog will come back inside from the backyard and you will notice she’s panting and it will dawn on you that hey, dogs do that when they are in pain and HEY look, blood everywhere! And then you get to spend the weekend changing your dog’s diapers! And then emergency surgery 5 days before you’re supposed to go on vacation! Followed up by two damn weeks wrestling your conehead dog into and out of the house.

TLDR: when it comes to your dog’s asshole, if you see something, say something.

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