A Post-Scooby Universe

I absolutely can’t believe I haven’t written about this.

(I’m so sorry, Bertie)

We lost Scooby in January.

He was fine. And then he wasn’t. And then he was gone.

One Thursday in January, I was doing my pre-workday nap (I do this Monday through Thursday if Gene is not working from home) after hauling the boy dogs into bed. (Sadie jumps up on her own). A little snooze, a little snuggle, a little Netflix.

Eventually, work time approached and I got out of bed. Scooby also jumped out of bed like always. We all decamped for the home office. A couple hours pass and it’s Puppy Dog Lunch Time. Sadie runs in, Bourbon runs in.

Finally, I notice that my boy hasn’t joined them. He’s still chilling out on the dog bed under my desk and hasn’t moved in hours. Immediately I lay down with him, one arm around him gently (the dog hated cuddling any way but the way he wanted).

The rest of the day, I do a little work and then get down to hang with him. I told him stories – “I remember the day we adopted you, the way the rescue lady reminded us that you were a beagle MIX, the time we saw someone else take you for a tryout walk but return you. Why would anyone return you?”. I sang to him (yes, endless rounds of “Scooby Dooooby Doo” Frank Sinatra style). I reminded him of my mantra for him “Everything you do is just fine”. This didn’t mean he was above being in trouble, it just meant that I would understand if he had to Go.

At some point I told Gene what was going on. A dog not eating is serious business. The next day, we took him to the vet. She did some scans, saw something on his spleen (?) that she didn’t like. She was quite convinced that it was Very Serious.

That afternoon, we came back to say goodbye. I’m ‘yadda-yadda’ing some of this.

I am an atheist. I do not believe in God. When I die, I am not going anywhere. But I absolutely believe in the concept of Dog Heaven, the Rainbow Bridge. When one of the dog Twitter accounts posts that their beloved pooch has gone OTRB (Over the Rainbow Bridge) I want to tell him that Scooby (and Betty, obviously) will be their friends.

Because now Betty and Scooby are playing together again.

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