oh, hellooo

Forgot all about the blog, I did…

I have been very very busy. Mostly busy eating and paying co-pays to various members of the medical field (chiropractor, general practitioner, not 1 but 2 talk therapists). Gene is sick with pleurisy. Big fun, pleurisy. I talked him into seeing the doctor on Wednesday, so at least he’s being dosed with the good cough syrup and two pills I can’t recall. And, the begging me to shoot him thing died down pretty quickly. He reminded me he did not once request I shoot him after his surgery. He’s right. I’m impressed.

Yesterday was my last day of work until next Friday. Gene has a business trip and the boy will be here so we’re going to spend time together. I’m not sure how I plan to amuse us for that long, but you’d better believe it’ll include Mexican food and possibly roller coasters (not on the same day, of course). (A tip on how to tell Elaine isn’t pregnant yet – planning a trip to the theme park. I figure this is my Last! Chance! to Ever! Have! Fun! so I’m taking advantage).

I am still eating a fuck of a lot of food. Yesterday: Slim Fast bar, cheese (started off pretty good), frozen pizza (individual size), GIANT rice krispie treat, Nutty Bars (2), Turkey, Slim a Bear ice cream bar, Blue Bunny ice cream sandwich. Every time I meet someone who has lost weight I thank them for sending it straight to me.

It turns out that D and I weigh the same (plus or minus 5 lbs). She is seven or eight feet taller than I am so it works better on her frame. The funny thing is that at work people are totally fooled. They totally don’t get that I have GAINED (!!!) weight.

I was to be retested for prediabetes later this month. I have rescheduled that for late August, after the boy returns to his Mom’s house. I hung up the phone from rescheduling the appointment and said to myself, “Self, you are no longer a carb eater again.”

And then bought Nutty Bars. Dammit.

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