You are Rerun! Which Peanuts Character are You? brought to you by Quizilla Oh, my! Even my Peanuts character is overlooked. (Does anyone remember a Peanuts movie/special where Rerun did anything of value?). And just in case that’s not enough me me ME in this post, let me just say that I loved Peanuts when… Continue reading 109562796067972121

Why a Blog, you Geek?

If you’ve read this (and in a perfect world I would have posted this first or something), you’re wondering “Elaine, your life revolves around two dogs, a D&D-playing husband and the tragedy of having to clean your own house. Why should I care?” Well, I started this blog after one of my friends from high… Continue reading Why a Blog, you Geek?


One last picture. It’s from the engagement picture session three years ago (??). I’m the hottie in white, my then-fiance is in the vest and the little boy is my now step son, the boy. They’re what I love about living here. (That and I’m wearing a blouse and the picture was taken in freaking… Continue reading 109561936011819386


Hey look! It’s me, forty or so pounds ago. I’m the one in white. Yes, it’s finally a freaking wedding picture (okay, it’s a proof…don’t tell our photographer). From left to right are my awesome bridesmaids and closest friends Julie, Tracy and Brandy. Every time I think of my wedding day and all they did… Continue reading 109561814465816536


And here is Betty, our newest dog. She is a 5 month old beagle/corgi mix. Gene says she is Apache and that’s why the two dogs fight all the time. 

Things I Could Do Today

Well, the weekend is crashing toward its inevitable conclusion. I always say that if good things (weekends) have to end, then by rights bad things (dental appointments) do as well. It’s a theory that has held up so far but I sure would like an endless weekend. It’s already 2 pm and I haven’t done… Continue reading Things I Could Do Today

More about Elaine…

I know I could use the profile button for this, but that’s dull so I’m going to make a post instead. Yeaa! While I know that most of any readers I score will be from my small group of friends and family, maybe somehow someone will stumble across this blog will be people who don’t… Continue reading More about Elaine…

Product Review

So today I get inspired to try cleaning my house. Ever since I received a raise back in March 2001, I’ve had a lady come in to clean the house. She came in twice a month and did all the necessities and the house never got dirty. It was a bargain and it kept me… Continue reading Product Review

Today’s Adventures

Today (technically yesterday since it’s now 12:05 AM on Sunday morning) was a big day. Friday night Gene and I had dinner with our friends Ross and Liz. A good time was had by all. The restaurant was in the city (we live in a suburb of said city) and as we hit the highway… Continue reading Today’s Adventures